Andrew Verhalen

Andrew Verhalen


Sila Nanotechnologies


Alteon Websystems (ATON), Ambarella (AMBA), Arroyo Video Solutions, Blue Martini Softwaren (BLUE), Cadia Networks, Centrum Communications, Copper Mountain Networks (CMTN), Grand Junction Networks, Openwave Systems (OPWV), Red Pepper Software, SiTera, Skyfire, Turnstone Systems (TSTN), Watchguard Technologies (WGRD)


After graduate school, I came west to work in the Microprocessor Group at Intel during the dawn of the PC industry.  The environment was intense as we raced to expand the market, but it was a great proving ground where I developed my management skills.

From there I moved to 3Com, just as companies were beginning to build corporate networks. I had the opportunity to recruit a team, help define and launch new products that propelled us to become the clear market leader.  As we scaled the business it became the revenue and profit engine for the company.


One of Matrix's strongest assets as a firm is its long history. It’s ingrained in our culture to analyze our successes and failures as a team to make sure entrepreneurs can benefit from our extensive collective experience.

We invest in people, not companies. We strive hard to build mutual trust and respect with founders, otherwise, we can’t help them.

Founders are navigating uncharted waters. We’re here to assist and advise, but they are on the front line. We help to recruit great talent, provide perspective, and avoid mistakes we’ve witnessed at other companies.

At board meetings, I mostly listen — I only comment on a few things I consider really important. I’m not there as a decision-maker, but as a coach and mentor. Ultimately, the CEO has to decide what to do.


3Com, Vice President of Marketing and GM, network adapters and hubs. Started new division, which grew to revenues of more than $250 million.

Intel, Product Manager for the 8086 microprocessor and Strategic Planning Manager for high-integration microprocessors.


Cornell University

BS and MEng Electrical Engineering, MBA