2016 SaaS Survey Infographic


We’re excited to share the forEntrepreneurs 2016 SaaS Survey Infographic, which highlights key metrics from this year’s survey results and includes links to blog posts with advice and insights on improving these metrics (links to blog posts below the infographic).

You can find the survey results here:

Part 1 covers growth rates, go-to-market trends and cost structure.

Part 2 dives into a comparison of application delivery methods,covers more on operational costs, and offers data on gross margins, contract terms, churn rates, capital requirements and accounting methods.

To download the forEntrepreneurs SaaS Survey Infographic, click here.

*To view blog posts offering advice and insights on metrics included in the infographic, see the list following the infographic*

  1. Know when to save and when to invest to accelerate growth. View blog post
  2. Design the right sales strategy to avoid the ‘Red Zone’. View blog post
  3. Don’t let CAC be your silent startup killer. View blog post
  4. How deep is your SaaS cash flow trough? View blog post
  5. Customer happiness is the key to lowering churn. View blog post
  6. Maximize retention and unlock the path toward negative churn. View blog post

To download the forEntrepreneurs SaaS Survey Infographic, click here.

For the full 2016 SaaS Survey results, read Part 1 and Part 2.

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