Investing in FeaturePeek


The triumvirate of engineers, product managers, and designers is at the heart of modern digital product creation. And our ecosystem has done a wonderful job building increasingly powerful collaboration tooling for each of these three functions.

Engineers debate pull requests on GitHub. Product managers fret over priorities inside JIRA (or Height). And designers sweat the details inside Figma.

But no matter how much time we spend planning the details, the rubber meets the road when there’s an actual live product to play with and to tweak. And we all know how much a product can change right before it ships out to users.

Yet, there isn’t much tooling to help with this phase that is deeply cross-functional and time sensitive. For engineers and designers, it’s hunching over a device together and trying to capture all the feedback. For PMs or business owners, it often means seeing the product too late and having to triage which issues warrant stopping the presses and pushing back a launch.

FeaturePeek is all about this phase — making it easier for everyone involved to iterate on the fundamental artifact of product creation: the live code. And to do so early and often.

FeaturePeek creates supercharged deployment previews of your web frontend that you can share to quickly get feedback on your implementation in progress. A drawer overlay is added on top of your site that makes it easy for your reviewers to take screenshots with annotations, capture screen recordings, leave comments, create tickets on popular bug-tracking platforms, and more. You get this functionality just by deploying to FeaturePeek — no dependencies or code changes are needed.

The founders of FeaturePeek, Eric and Jason, are a wonderfully productive duo with many years of experience working together at Apple. I’m excited to have led the seed round in FeaturePeek and look forward to many years of helping product teams around the world.