Investing in Parabola


I’m excited to announce that I’ve led an $8m Series A investment in Parabola on behalf of Matrix and have joined the board.

Parabola builds a drag-and-drop productivity tool that allows knowledge workers of all kinds to rid themselves of doing redundant work.

Every business has an endless number of “spreadsheet processes.” Think of the finance person running payroll or the marketer crunching ad performance or the operations person reconciling inventory levels. They’re pulling together data from various places, combining it, cleaning it, doing some calculations, and then sending it off to the next destination. Over and over again. Perhaps daily, perhaps weekly, or perhaps whenever their boss happens to send them an email with a CSV attachment.

Parabola makes it easy to describe the steps of such a process and then let the system execute it in the background, whenever necessary.

If you’re an engineer, that probably sounds a whole lot like “whip up a quick Python script and set up a cron job”, and that’s exactly the idea — to give every knowledge worker the productivity leverage of being able to automate their work like a programmer. But with concepts and tools that feel easy and familiar to anyone comfortable in Google Sheets or Excel.

If this sounds interesting, I encourage you to read Alex’s blog post and to take a look at their careers page. The company is really hitting its stride now and growing quickly. We need more talented team members to help us deliver on the vision.