Welcome Diana!


When I first met Diana Berlin a few months ago, I was impressed by her deep understanding of the productivity space, hard won over many years at both startups (Quip) and large companies (Microsoft and Salesforce). We immediately started talking about note taking apps and why no one has been able to build a broadly horizontal tool that served as the kernel for a great business and, most importantly, what one would have to believe for it to be the case today that one could. I left the meeting energized and quickly found myself down a rabbit hole, pushed in by a deep and thoughtful email from her that began a discussion about workplace software that continues to this day (one of her investment interest areas by the way).

Through that first conversation, and many others since, what came through loud and clear to our entire team was the unique way in which Diana brings several different types of mental frameworks to bear when evaluating a founder, a market or even a budding trend in an industry. We’ve always put a premium on intellectual diversity at Matrix and Diana represents this in spades in the way she approaches the world — whether it is in product management, in community building (as a cofounder of ROFLcon and at two of her former employers Soundcloud and Kickstarter) or in simply helping anyone to see problems more clearly.

Welcome Diana — we are quite excited to welcome your intellectual curiosity, energy and passion for building to our team!

(For more in her own words see here)

PS: We are still looking to add to our team, both in Boston and San Francisco.