Welcome Xin Ge as Matrix’s Fintech and Risk EIR


We’re excited to welcome Xin Ge to Matrix as an Executive-in-Residence.

Xin has spent nearly two decades building and leading risk teams at some of Silicon Valley’s leading companies where risk management has been at the core of their success. He was most recently the Chief Risk and Technology Officer at Afterpay, the Matrix-backed fintech acquired by Block (NYSE: SQ) for $29 billion. Before Afterpay, he was Head of Risk at Uber and a senior risk leader at both PayPal and eBay.

Much of Xin’s career was spent working directly or indirectly with Matrix’s Dana Stalder, an early executive at eBay and PayPal, as well as an early investor and board member at Afterpay.

“Xin is one of those rare people that is a powerhouse whether the company is 10 or 1,000 or 10,000 employees”, says Dana. “I’ve worked with him closely at each of those stages. I recruited him as one of the first people at Afterpay when we were entering the US market and Xin proved himself essential in growing the business from zero to $20 billion in GMV. He helped guide the business through this rapid growth while making risk one of our secret weapons.”

Nick Molnar, the CEO and founder of Afterpay, underlines Xin’s unique contribution: “I’ve never met anyone who knows risk so deeply and so well. But he wasn’t just narrowly focused on risk. He was invaluable in both the risk and the growth. He has a keen product and business sense that helped us grow without sacrificing the business’s health. I couldn’t imagine a better person to have helped us go from zero to one to hyperscale.”

As an Executive-in-Residence at Matrix, Xin will bring his decades of experience to bear with the founders and executives in our fintech portfolio. Whether it’s helping early stage companies implement market-leading risk programs or growth stage companies turn risk into a competitive advantage, Xin will be an invaluable advisor to them. Xin will also work closely with the investment team to evaluate trends and opportunities in the fintech space.

Welcome Xin!