Welcome TJ!


We follow great founders to areas where technology can exert a lot of leverage on big market opportunities. That means we prefer people to theses and partnering with builders to chasing heat. One of the more important areas we've found ourselves in over the past few years has been the intersection of technology and healthcare. We are beyond thrilled to announce our first hire in this domain: TJ Parker, founder and former CEO of PillPack, a pharmacy that makes it simple to get and take medications as prescribed.

TJ and his co-founder Elliot Cohen started PillPack from a cardboard prototype and navigated the business through multiple incumbent challenges while maintaining an NPS in the mid-80s and scaling to hundreds of millions of revenue in less than 5 years. Following a $1 billion acquisition by Amazon in 2018, TJ grew the pharmacy vertical by an order of magnitude and set a vision for ongoing health efforts. Today, the businesses started by TJ’s team are, unbelievably, the only healthcare services where customers can shop for products, compare prices, and use their insurance. We’re excited for TJ to lead investments in companies that create a similarly dramatic leap from the status quo to what’s possible for customers.

As we've gotten to know TJ, it is his intuition that stands out: on markets, products, services, and most importantly, people. He’ll be the first to tell you PillPack’s success was only possible by recruiting great people and betting on their potential. Those who’ve worked closely with TJ value his appreciation of complexity and his gut sense of when to make a decision and keep moving.

At Matrix, TJ will initially focus on health opportunities from concept to series A, looking to partner with founders who are unafraid of complexity and uncompromising on customer experience. Follow him on LinkedIn for more news and opportunities to connect.