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The story of a Venezuelan immigrant backed as a first-time founder by a new investment partner from South Africa (also formerly a Matrix-funded founder himself) assisted in his diligence by a Polish native at the firm started by an Italian WWII refugee sounds like the start of an interesting joke, but it also happens to be exactly how I began my relationship with the firm as a founder fifteen years ago. When I returned as an investor, all of the aforementioned people were still here. And in the years since, we’ve added additional talent from all over the world with 50% of our current team being both foreign-born and bringing quite diverse economic and social immigration stories.

Having folks on the team from all but two continents has really helped in creating a culture where we can have healthy debate from many different perspectives on just about any topic. We need more of that though, and in particular more gender and ethnic diversity. Having it will only help to broaden our perspective and reduce our blindspots.

To that end, we are reaching out beyond our network with two job posts.

Why Matrix?

Early stage investing is an intellectually stimulating and dynamic career path that combines technology, people and thinking hard about the future of the world. It can be especially rewarding at a firm like Matrix with a long track record of doing it well.

What makes Matrix unique among top-tier firms, is our persistent desire to stay small: just two offices and fewer than 10 investment team members across them. In coming here, you will get a chance to make an imprint on the culture and future direction of the firm. You will also benefit from an intellectually curious and open-minded team while also getting plenty of opportunity for mentorship over the coming years of your career.

If you like what you’ve read, please apply below.

Boston position

San Francisco position